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RAS KASS : Sonset lyrics

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RAS KASS lyrics : "Sonset"


Now I'm a rap fan who never saw Bam Rock the park

In the Bronx, but I still snap skulls in the dark

So can you recoginze %#@! is real

When I shove this ampex 4-9-9 up your [email protected](!
I'm ready to bust every (*##$ ^!$$%s cherry
See these floods in January got me lookin' in the mirror

Screamin' Bloody Mary
Unnecessary representin', equal set trippin'
Divided by my tennis hoe pimpin'

Got all ya'll ^!$$%s dippin', like Lipton Tea Bags, son
His stilo Jeet Kune Do the way of the intercepting fist
Intercepting every sublimial dis

Geographic, prejudice against increments of incredulos legislature
Pschologically, I [email protected](# with the hands of fate
So bust nuts on Mother Nature coming on your landscape

I'm pressing California license plate
For ^!$$%s in all 50 $#&@ing states
But its biting me and fighting me

Inviting me to rhyme I can't hold it back
I'm lookin' for the line
Takin' off my lamb skin, Marc Buchanan

Cause I'm a make you see L.A. (U.C.L.A.) like Ed O'Bannon
^!$$% come in peace and brothers can kick it
But you ain't gonna walk me streets

When back east you sellin' wolf tickets
Reciprocate the player hatin'
Bring the bull%#@! to you

Going through yo coast, like the Green Gar GNU
Who said no is good gnews
But g^!$$%s is gnot gnowing about the gnext %#@! that I be flowin'

So don't represent at my expense
It's too expensive
The first and last line of my definse is my sentence

You got causght off the coast of the Pacific Ocean
Found face down floatin'
With yo' $#&@in' neck broken


I walk the planet and create tremors
If nnuttin' else here's all you need to remember
LLA'Y LLA KCUF for all you backwards ^!$$%s

Pschologically, we grapple an MC
Like Gracie at the UFC so place me in your octagon
Coward on mix tapes and interviews, I be hearing you

Certain dissiden'ts dis from a distance
Disresect and discriminate
(*##$ I laminate that $$#

And wear it at the New Music Seminar for a badge
Mash or get twisted
Dem gwan front like Rosa Parks

But them marks is broke wristed (bytch)
YOu got superiority complex
Based on old statisitics, now listen

Respect due to the pioneers
But what you burrogh did in 83'
Is ancient history brah'

So why these ^!$$%s actin' like
Since they live in the state
That rap originates

They automatically, all time greats?
It takes classic material to phat %#@!


Not proof of New York residence and an accent

Who expresses the freshest the
West Coast was ressurcted
By me, I'm the mother $#&@in' man like [email protected]$* erectus

So why it matter where rap started
If I wanted to hear from $$#hole I would have farted
I'm a West Coast artist down wit' clicks from 510 to 516

But dis indiscriminately and you sid me
Fundamentally is the ability to smother suckas
So if rap was born to another then that makes me your mothas-$#&@a
Cause I'm the type of ^!$$% to go to yo' show
$#&@ yo' ho

Then nut on yo' promotional T-shirt
Eternally, verbally I $#&@s your head up like
Florence and Normandie (Easily I approach)

[Hook: x8]

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