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RAS KASS lyrics : "Slap Season"

(feat. Jelly Roll)

[Verse 1:]

They say men don't cry, but why this %#@! leakin' out my eye?
Every day's a good day to die
If I live each second, stand up straight

Man of a man, %#@! just don't add up
So what's really good? I can't tell
Got ^!$$%z screaming "Church" going straight to Hell

In a red Testerossa, wild West coaster
Carry techs in holster, respect the Nostra
Fam like mafia, white polo t-shirted

Haters say the same %#@! like I ain't never hizzeard it
Yall ^!$$%z is funny like Nick Cannon
Got a nickel-plated magnum, nick-named Nick Cannon

Hitman and tryin' not to spit random
Bust at even a phantom, ricocheted and hit Adam
Put Satan on my belt and my Force One swooshes

Never bit apple, blend the can with the juices
Fail the plan, you plan to fail
And the plan is to send my little man to Yale

And ^!$$%z know they ain't $#&@in' with that
Like what did the five fingers say to the face? Slap!

Just give me the reason, and I'll promise I'll make it your day (slap season)
My hands are so achey from slappin' these ^!$$%z all day (slap season!)

Boy, I tried to tell you that I don't really play those games (slap season)
Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh.... (slap season!)

[Verse 2:]
And you can think you know a ^!$$% 'til he get a little fame
Believe me, [censored out] sold his soul in D.C.

$#&@ed me up though, gotta move on now
Step my game up, making product cologne now
Dumbin' out, minkin'

Bout to a custom made skunk, fur, hoody, and it ain't stinkin'
Yall know the biz, that's what it is
Got Wendy outta Capitol like I clapped on the (*##$

Kept my masters, and let paper trail explain
Beat white corporate America at they own game
I'm a couple million dollars richer

Rap has got heads startin' to buy frames, yall get the picture
And before I go broke
I send the (*##$ on a flight with her baby in her tote

That ain't formula, bottles filled with liquified !@%!e
Make the sign of the cross and die with the Pope
Float through Cali with die moves and blues

Non-affiliates and seranios too
Bulldogs, northerners, and !@^(i
Prolly some other %#@! you never heard of somewhere in the boonies

Shiites and Sunnis, oosoes and goonies
Like Santa, I slide down your chimney, sprayin' a uzi
And ^!$$%z know they ain't $#&@in' with that

Like what did the five fingers say to the face? Slap!


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