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RAS KASS : Remain Anonymous lyrics

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RAS KASS lyrics : "Remain Anonymous"

[Ras Kass]
Western Hemisfear, stand clear ock
Cause now the sun sets across six-hundred and six septillion tons

Come correct, I project like a telepathic caption
Four meters over soundwaves
I comes off with positions like [email protected]$^ographics

Twenty questions - animal, vegetable, or mineral
What am I? Atom - amphibian, invertebrate, or mammal?
Homosapien, specifically ock swell up like gout

then spread out like centrifugal force (what?)
Collision course reinforced with cylindrical wax
Axis spins at 33 RPM, that truly comprehend what fat is

That is, nine out of ten rappers today bore me with
predictable monosyllable drivel
I scribble incredible rhymes to rhythm, nepotism

Your prism couldn't invent
Too many MC's get deals from who ya down with, or where ya represent
But since I house more ^!$$%z than section eight

State statements about your state
although my state of mind fornicates breaks
Your magazine ad got you souped up

Test-y like two nuts, marketing gimmicks
Catch wreck like Sam Kinison, convincingly
Cause what ^!$$% got props in the industry don't really interest me

My motto is: the bigger they are, the more politics involved
And I revolve at a rate to make your occipital skull plate dissolve
Techniques delve deep..

(Slick Rick sample: "How much you'll never knooow")
Soo-oooooo, don't sleep; ock I rock phonics
that got you holdin my dick like your name was Lorena Bobbit

[Method Man] "You don't know me and you don't know my style"
[above sample plays 8X total, including scratches]

[Ras Kass]
I seen the scene from the outside lookin in through a window pane

Pain; hypertension ruptured the varicose vein
The vainglorious breaks I be, perpetratin omnipotent reign
I rain acid, grate your crew to steak meat

The stakes increase on break beats, your fleet fleets run
when I'm rippin ya Kubrick's, meaning deceased, rest in peace
Pieces of my nebulous flex paralyzes oblongatas

To witness my linguistics like a Muslim takes jihad or not
Since A&R only sign gangster rap acts
Don't get it twisted stereotypin by geography West coast syntax

I signify for C-Arson
The city North of Long Beach, Southwest of Compton
Seems to me the peace treaty is through

^!$$%z ran out of looted Hennessy and barbecue
Now all I do is stop the myth that every MC from Cali
is a Blood, Crip, or pimp - I pimps empty

Controls more English than Margaret Thatcher
Fidat be gwan be fat like the punani on Patra;
leavin your rep shattered

Cause you don't wanna see me signifyin
Smackin your Left Eye up like my man Andre Rison
All this juice evaporates - what it boils down to

is the "yes yes y'all," and only that makes a rapper great
$#&@ rhetoric and repertoire, demographics and heavy rotation
Slowly the lyrication makes sense

$#&@ fame; I snuff that $$# out the frame
It ain't Snoop Dogg, so what's my mother$#&@in name?
"The arra-arra-R, A, ella-ella-S" (keep it goin)

[Method Man] "You don't know me and you don't know my style"
[above sample plays 6X total, including scratches]

[Ras Kass]
Yo, wack MC's - it's O-V... E-R

I be R, the ^!$$% who killed your P.R.
For the brothers with skills who can't get a record deal
Remain anonymous.. [fades out echoing]

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