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RAS KASS lyrics : "Red Carpet"

I set it off in the sunny distance, no days existed my patience
led the way until the greatest love listened to me I used to play
the witness, wait in the trenches it's like the sixth man, sits on

different benches it's hard squeezing life in a sentence and if I
do, roll carpet with the red tint my entrance is what's between
when I exit, it's evidence left on the scene alchemist cut the

record down, to the bone and with a record like this I take the
world by storm it's god blessed, the land of the brave understand
where I stand, my hand is made from b-r-double-o-k-lyn the planet

family landed, managed to raise the man that I became panic on my
first campaign but when the words fell to place I was certain to

Reign I hit the purple, then step in the circle and start flexing
weatherman invented, now storms change directions portions of my
proceeds is feeding my homies now I always shared pretty good for

an only child I was the baby boy, I could do no wrong now the
role's reversed, I'm putting people on they off welfare, and got
healthcare they used to have their priorities elsewhere I took

rims and tires and traded them for a ticket to an island, that's
where I wrote this rhyming where I first saw my vision written
driven by a better living, a place to raise kids in so I think

like I rule the world on the brink of something bigger building
schools for boys and girls the thought of home gets me out of my

Bed I said you got them tools get them %#@!s up out of the shed,
c'mon I'm like the interstate of rhyming the jack dempsey emcee
all my %#@! customed out hold the fort eventually money is made,

fly blades a woman with brains, it help a black ^!$$% reign my
lifestyle as a prowler a rich loaner, owner used to pump at coffee
shops had my (*##$ roselle with me rolling up fly $$#, and still

classy asking questions like, why you wait on that glass why would
you splash me yo, it's only ^!$$% %#@! I'mma teach you like I was
taught to hold the fort, walk through seeing all kind of grey

fossils colossal jewels, bigger house, act fly, I got you no need
to walk backwards, $#&@ up the taxes my street credibility is

Stronger than nasa's yo a diplomatic winner, nike boots a skully
good denim jean on, and one-rent em they say you only live once, I
disagree you only live twice, your life and then through your

seeds so I bleed on wax and feed them the deed so when I die they
got the foundation on my publishing b plus the words that I speak,
here's my family jewels it ain't all blood diamonds, but life

experience tools and I be rhyming cool but my philosophy's deep
like a dear john letter, so read em and weep and the wolves smell
blood, you can feed em the meat but I'm a lycan, underworld we can

meet in the street draw heat, but what happened to peace he got a

Dirty sanchez, like what happened to screech jesus, diarrheas, I

mean holy %#@! christ on a cracker, that's just how we spit
communion, add the wine, make the sign of the cross and I don't
live in the past, chalk it up as a loss went from, please listen

to my demo to stretch limo to the pen in a cell watching eminem on
jimmy kimmel but I can't go out like kimbo slice like gina corano
I'm a cyborg we terminate mano a mano, still ronald mcdonald over

one billion served but it's up to me to get what I deserve so I
handle my biz and hustle harder than the norm the early bird gets
the worm, but the hawk gets the bird

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