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RAS KASS lyrics : "Ordo Abchao (Order Out Of Chaos)"

The story begins like a Dickens Novel, David Copperfield "I am born"
And naw ^!$$% we all just can't get along
5996 A-L The Year of Light Illuminati borner on a New World Order

And a ^!$$% fight the struggle sorta kinda on some rappin' %#@!
But real activists be on death watch like Mumia Abu Jamal
Ain't this a (*##$ y'all figure

It only takes a trigger and 12.98 plus tax to potentially murder 50 ^!$$%s
So mother$#&@ers better duck like Daffy
Cause nowadays the average ^!$$% think they Butch Cassidy

And the Sundance Kid, doin' bids with no remorse
It's almost methodical, education is false $$#imulation
Building prisons is more economical, so your ^!$$%s in gang modules

Be giving more head than hair folicles
And ^!$$%s like myself know the ledge and still jump like Geronimo
Huh supreme mathematics and bad habits

Cause chasing cabbage keeps a ^!$$% savage
Blame it on the disease, we all got the symptoms
Most of us ^!$$%s wanna be pimps but Uncle Sam really pimpin' them

Naw they don't feel you, but what you don't know can kill you [x4]

The planet revolves, supposedly, man evolves
But no promblem is solved, cause man is the cause

For the sake of eugenics biochemists create ethospecific epidenmics
Injecting the public in clinics
Then when the truth comes out "You black people are so paranoid"

But WHO murdered Africa the World Health Organization
Before 1978 there was no blood with AIDS contamination
It ain't little green monkeys

It's little white honkeys crossing bouing leukemia with sheep visnna virus
As set tore out the iris of Horus, and Isis loved Osiris
Blackmen is blinded, while blackwomen look for real men but can't find it

Sometimes I think to myself "Why'd I even bring a child into this world?"
I pay taxes so Bill Clinton can slang crack in Arkansas buy gold imported
from South Africa

But I don't eat swine
And beat the living %#@! outta skinheads
So where's my piece of mind?

A swiss watch, leasing a Lex on credit
All the liquor and #~!!@ a ^!$$% can get
Put together a this puzzle but my pieces won't fit what the $#&@?

[Hook x2]

Now %#@! gets no realer, reality dictates fate
Gobal Policy 2000 by then, the planet depopulates
By about 1 billion men women and children

By whatever means necessary
Wars, diseases, starvation, plagues etc.
Set ya watch and watch Lord Matreya ascend

Been in effect since before George Washington Monument
An obelisk the 3300 pound capstone semi conceals the Masonic seal I'm

But it's like trying to stop the sun from shining
Soul on Ice damned if I do and $#&@ed if I don't
Dog eat dog like Jeff Dauhmer

And most brothers ain't soilders cause you gots no code, you gots no honor
Wanna build an empire blood sucking me too get richer
So B, what's getting 6 figures when ya $#&@in' with (*##$ ^!$$%s

I ask you don't make me gay bash you
So the longer I live the less love I have to give
And the tragedy is it's a vicious cycle everybody's caught up the vortex

So we try to cash more checks and have more sex
The problem gets worse but a solution ain't clear
And we been sayin' the same %#@! for 650 years

What the $#&@?


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