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RAS KASS : Oral Sex ('99) lyrics

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RAS KASS lyrics : "Oral Sex ('99)"

[ATCQ - Scenario remix:]
"Death on the phono, my skills are dolo

You say 'oh no', you (*##$ $$# homo"

[Verse One: Ras Kass]

I'ma kick it to y'all frankly
so all y'all weak ^!$$%z can hate me

jealous 'cause they know I'm the %#@!, like Mr. Hankey
reintroducing Ras Kass, the waterproof
I'm too deep, you Too $hort

Standin' on two feet, drownin' in two feet, kapeesh?
I defy the feat by defecating on beat, $#&@ how you feel
I've got an oral fixation with spitting liquid razors

so ill that they cut through steel
So if my album ever sell 3 mil
I'm slashing every rapper with a deal

Every ^!$$% with a video look like Seal
'Kiss From a Rose' - Not, more like a peck from Jada'
even with a spectator

ranked this ^!$$% 45 in Blaze 50 greatest MCs
good lookin but I beg to differ, though
body of evidence

my molecular structure based on the table of elements
I'm Cmx4, Nl3, Iv3, plus Tg2, Rd4, Ms4, Gr1, At5 (????!!!)
I'm complex with curriculums combinded

a next level innovator with invigorating rhymes
plus slightly thuged out, but revolutionary with minds
spit my message with grime

five years ahead of my time
two thousand and five,
I'ma be that ^!$$% beatin' down traffic cops at stop signs

put that in you're glass dick and smoke it
who the dopest? if Ras spoke it, loc'est
The most focused wrote the opus, Nature of the Threat

Fost focus richest the bok'est could get it like
I'm sexually transmitted, bidditch
Yeah, yeah, Evil D make it ill for me, spit it

"Death on the phono, my skills are dolo

You say 'oh no', you (*##$ $$# homo"

[Verse Two: Ras Kass]

It's that underground b-boy %#@!
just a beat and a rhyme

as simplified as a heat and a crime
true lyricists always get felt
'cause I rarely [email protected](# dog, but I always be feelin' myself

I rep' Golden State Warriors, I rep' The [email protected]&(
get pissy drunk and forced to break the porcelin
God, I'm worse than Cupid, stupid

Love is Lust, so my glands release hollow point endorphins
(*##$ ^!$$%, I'm mighty morphin' into a larson
forcin' grown men into a forced a-dult abortion

make it scorchin'
hot to death then drop it artic
so MCs shatter like glass next time a ^!$$% sparks %#@!

make sense/cents, even if I don't make dollars
Asiatic ghetto scholar
Y'all grafted like seedless grapes and rottweilers

My hoochie (*##$es pop that #[email protected] while my pimp ^!$$%z pop they collars
and pop stars- these the last days of disco
it's all about me-me-me-me-me

cause I'm out here with a big dick, though
You [email protected]$)got like Sisqo
You thumbs down six feet like Ebert & Gene Siskel

I'm blessed with my Father's complexion and my Mother's features
I'm unique, different from all other creatures
I be rocking a black doo rag tellin pigeons youse a mother$#&@in fool

and they be like 'you look like Ja Rule, but that's cool'
I guess all short, chocolate, chinky eyed ^!$$%z look alike, boo
let the pen stroke, so the track have a heart attack

you blind, baby, give your cataracts cataracts
matter of fact, face it, I'm just not the norm
more graphic than [email protected]$^
I'm like eye witnessin' a matador get his rib cage crushed
lung pulled by a raging bull's horn

I put it on like a uniform

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