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RAS KASS lyrics : "Miami Life"


Miami Life, at any price, keep my pockets nice

Eff the po-lice, Miami Life ain't nuttin nice
Miami Life, at any price, keep my pockets nice
Eff the po-lice, Miami Life ain't nuttin nice

[Verse One:]

I'm launchin rockets and SCUDs at Crockett and Tubbs
[and Tye] full of more Rum than a (Mai-Tai) again despite high
schoolin, I be high refusin to listen to what the PTA say

Eff a four point oh GPA I got a five point oh GTA
hittin the chop shop, with an ETA of 3 o'clock, so shake the spot
like Luke and them girl with the Daisy Dukes

Cuz life's a beach and I forever be wearin my bathing suit
Met this Colombian mommy set a daddy, trap the cabbie
with government permission, no DEA intervention

Filthy rich and hit lines for recreation snortin !@%!e up
but Pinoche's rollin, cuz I don't know the next hoe be the loc'est
You still can't teach me or reach me with history

when the story is his, and who gets to be
the future Pablo Escobar don't need a diploma
Minimum wage the rest I'm livin whale like Jonah


[Verse Two:]

Walk these streets with more Heat than Alonzo Mourning

Now how many toasters can these smokers keep pawning?
My school days was like Porky's
in class doin the butt, on the hallway ditchin

Teacher's pet snitchin, but ain't no Miami Bass like the triple beam
So fool please, I move MC's like old Z's
I want more cheese than Kraft Ravioli

Got love like Chachi and Joni micraphone Michael Corleone
Only the homies really know me, but everybody
want to dip in my Mixelplic (what part of the game is this?)

Keepin CoInTelPro stickin into brothers like Velcro
Fightin felony convictions, a closer shave than Norelco
well though, stay and lose it, I'm still official

[Why?] cuz I'm on a roll like toilet tissue
[Rider] anything less would be uncivilized
At any price... Miami Life...

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Three:]

Accept no Substitute

And I'ma make it known The Specialist like Stallone
and Sharon Stone watchin your spot get blown
you don't even understand, I ain't scared of you mother$#&@ers

[Senator Bob Dole] and C. Delores Tucker
What the world needs is less free cheese
More white collar J-O-B's, these ghetto MP's

stretchin fools on the block for crack rock
But part of power brokers is gettin over like unprotected sex with Oprah
Float, like a Tournament of Roses parade

Sting, like a bee, but of course
I put my foot so deep in yo $$#
the water in my knee will quench your thirst, I got juice freshly squeezed

Words 100 percent bom-Bay, made from more concentration than Minute Maid
Renegade rhyme ride ruckus non-fiction me and my kin
slippin mickies and puttin hickies on your chest

I never been seen like the Loch Ness...
...monster, heh, and now a word from our sponsor
Yeah, and now a word from our sponsor

[Chorus x2]

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