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RAS KASS lyrics : "Medusa"

(feat. Nas)


Right now you up in the club and you see that (*##$
That you've just broke up with (Uh, tramp, stank (*##$)
'cause she was $#&@ing ya homeboy

(The (*##$ ain't no good for ya homey)
You know what I'm saying? Just have a drink and think about it

[Chorus: x2]
She loves me, she loves me not
But looking in her eyes make my dick turn to rock

[Nas: Sample from "One Love"]
Yeah, shorty don't care she's a snake too

$#&@ing with them ^!$$%s from that fake Crew that hate you

[Ras Kass:]
Slow $$# from the front, camel toast so phat
(WHY?) Bow-legged sexy $$# gap

Man I'm eating tangerine clowie Gucci cutters
#~!!@ so good, it feel like long butter
She likes moaning, Michael Kors, Dior

Polo, Chanel Couture and Tom Ford
Dime piece like Sanaa Lathan
Cooley Hindu, mess with entire Jamaican

Had a ^!$$% like me chasing
But she the daughter of Satan, fake, she's a snaking

No she ain't no good but I just can't let go
Venomous sinking in her fangs, while she giving me brain
Playing head game, pleasure and pain

Leaving head migraines use ya, abuse ya
After she seduce ya, Medusa

[Chorus x2]

[Ras Kass:]

Promised to be my ride or die
Groomed her a long time, I fell in love with her lie
Mama neva liked you (NO), I wish I neva met her

Trying to get her out of my system and do better
Put the voodoo roots on me
I wanna leave but my heart won't let me

Get jetty, trying to figure out what she mixed in my spaghetti
Addicted to Jessica Rabbit in the black Teddy
Said - "You'll never forget me"

Went to jail, "Judge can I bail? "
(*##$ sent me hate mails (WHAT?)
Break up, should make up, it's not a joke

She switched up her tongue, long @@#!ed throat
Make love to Aaliyah, rock the boat, work the middle
Change position, missionary, wishing he took Ecstasy

Make a blind man see, a cripple man climbing tree
Whether you're floetry, all you gotta do is say "Yes"
Hand up a dress, fangs in my neck

[Movie sample:]
"Hit me, I'm Medusa, that block is a deeply venomous"

[Chorus x2]

[Ras Kass:]
No matter what I do, I ain't neva good enough
It's just my downfall and a good $#&@

The homey say I'm whipped
'Cause I go back to you every time I say "I quit"
It's like the Rock song - I love you, I hate you

I just can't live without you
Forget about it, had to do a bid without you
Going got tough, the chick got going

Looking for already made ^!$$%
Basically out here hoeing
Why I ever tried to make you happy, I'm not knowing

Sick of arguing, having to fight women
She the reason black women losing their men to white women
(Don't be mad) #~!!@ lips shaped like money clips
Twenty-four inch waist, thirty-six inch hips
Used to be my honey dip; now you're just that funny (*##$

Hopped back on my dick on some dummy %#@!
She getting jealous and (*##$y (HA-HA)
'Cause my new chick is hot and look like Britney
Can get more cheddar then you
Chocolate complected, and her #~!!@ better then you, !#$*!

[Chorus x2]

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