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RAS KASS lyrics : "Lapdance"

(feat. RC)

[Ras Kass]

She had me only, almost loosin my cool
Remi and Moet wit brew, shootin pool
Ask me if I wanted a dance, yeah

Made my way to her chair, sugar shake it over here
Fell in love wit the clothes that she didn't wear
Beat the fat derriere, while I whispered in her air

Hope it all about Chippers, I'm tryin to kick it after I tip ya
Pour ya in my champagne glass and sip ya
Tropical, clockin, Latin American mami, Sevita from Guyana

Move like good sex, plus her eyes do the rest
Baby soft flesh, you could rest, who the best
Honey straight bangin ya, puffin the Buddha pest, tatas danglin

Started to flow, she promised not to hurt me
Wrapped her legs around my neck, and worked me, wit a lapdance

[Chorus: RC]
The Henny got me in a zone, I wanna take you home
So we can be alone, for my lapdance

I think I got another dime, just do it one more time
The only thing that's on my mind, is my lapdance

[Ras Kass]
Face cameras on, raspberry lipstick
Had to be twisted, "Not really", she insisted

Experimented a little, but never kissed it
Do I have a girlfriend, she can be my mistress
Pop the P, like it's just for me

Bout three G's, hangin out of G-string V
I don't see nothin wrong wit the hump
Damn, sweetie, don't brake you high heel pump

Gotta keep it crunk though
When the DJ pay, she next on stage
After the song she gotta go, meet you at bar when I'm done

1-51, tie cherries in a knot wit her tongue
Work the poll like Dominique Dawes, without drawers
Applause, brakin ^!$$%s like laws

We fantasize for the chance to romance
But it cost 10 dollars for another lapdance



I've been your fool, you know you gotta pay your dues
You wanna get wit Ras and Rueb
Then you must choose, and you know you can't loose

There's somethin bout the way that you shakin your rump
It makes me feel good cuz I likes to hump
The way you move your body in a sexy way

It makes wanna lapdance everyday

[Ras Kass]

She said 5 for the top, 10 for the bottom
Looked her up and down, said "Hmm, I got 'em"

And she worked the nightshift
A dish water blonde, tall and fine

She made a lotta till, ask her what you gotta say, ^!$$%

[Ras Kass]

First of all, she 5'8", I'm 5'6"
But if I put on my Prince heels, can we go on a dance
Had her laughin, like Ras you off the hook

I got 101 positions, that'll leave you shook
Off the books, I'm all yours on all fours
Wit nine chords, so, me and more

Keep it real wit me, pick me up at three
Scooped up in the Lex, and got served for free OohWee


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