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RAS KASS lyrics : "ISpit"

[Intro: Ras and iPhone Siri]

RK: Siri, this Rasy whats up baby?

Siri: I'm fine, thanks for asking

RK: fasho, what u wearing right now (*##$?

Siri: Aluminosilicate Glass and stainless steel. nice, huh?

RK: Hell yeah, that %#@! sexy as $#&@ but look, I just murdered another MC and I need to dump the body

Siri: What kind of place are you looking for; metal foundry, dump, resevoir, mines or a swamp?

RK: Naw, I think i'll just bury this ^!$$% in Bud'da's beat...haha, u ready (*##$?

Siri: You're such an $$#hole why do you care, arent you?

[RasKass verse 1]

Serious %#@!, really I spit

Go 'head ask her any question my nigg Siri my (*##$
I hit harder than the Man with Iron Fist
Rza's my ventriloquist ya'll ^!$$%s is Eddie Murphy delirious

Funny in your red leather, I'm Dexter, I'm Deadpool
12 years ago some dirty fool asked me to go to med school
Dr Moreau's thesis, I'm dope at what I wrote

So consider me your Savior I'm the lyrics last hope
IPod iPhone Iraq & I roll
I'm like Hiphop's Barack when he dropping a drone

Got unmanned robots that be squashing your home
So $#&@ Travelocity, I will knock off the Gnome
I'm old as the land; 4.5 billion terabytes of RAM

CatScan original man!
Your digital bro, this my Hackentosh flow
The new hot rhyme scheme rap like a 9 year old?!

Everybody popping Molly, I pop the cork off a dork
Put 4 holes through a ^!$$% like I stabbed you with a fork
Thermospheric lines terrestrials never top them

Barmageddon, Blood Diamonds and thats your $#&@ing problem
For my encore I'mma go out styling
Blow the $#&@ up like Daffy Duck on some foul %#@!

Ya'll cowards should have just threw the towel in
Cause now instead of planking you ^!$$%s is Pacquiao-ing

HOOK: Serious %#@! really I spit X 4
Eve bit the apple thats Original Sin
Steve Jobs created Apple ya'll just digital men

This www.igetdown
Respect I Crown or sleep in the iCloud

[Verse 2]

Rappers signal Mayday 2013 is pay day

Keisha Upton and Michael Nuemann having they heyday
Me, I'm just a BeBe, Good Times minus the J.J.
The AK smash the homey, not for the love of RayJ

Yeah this that mass extermination
Scientific classification of Rasassination
The Phylum: Chordata, we the Order of the primate

Hominid the Family, forcing my Tribe to mutate
!@&) no longer Genus..
Digio-sapien extremist evoultion, new species..i'm the RapGenius

Siri: ($#&@ing Perfect now playing)

I mean these homos jeans spandex ($#&@boy)

Now I see rappers wearing Man-dress (bodyboy)
Some even flaunting off they man breasts
Siri: (you're so stupid right now)

Whats next? !@(* up they $$# rap cotex

So I dont care how many (*##$es you slay cuz if they $#&@ you, they must be gay. Stat!

HOOK: Serious %#@! really I spit X 4
Eve bit the apple thats Original Sin

Steve Jobs created Apple ya'll just digital men
This www.igetdown
Respect I Crown or sleep in the iCloud

[Verse 3]

We turn wives into widows, nuns into nymphos
Multiply bread I got that Jesus with the fish flow
Turn water into wine, lemonade to Tequila
Its Fila fever make Justin Beiber a true believer

And Bud'da checked his Roly and told me "its Bout Time"
If honest grind dont feed me then its bout to be a crime
They lie and say we slaves in America & they brung us
But (*##$ I can read...they came before Columbus
No Mayan Apocalypse, I die like Osiris and rise out a sarcophagus

No stopping us the HipHop in us!
Wonder why Siruis satellite ain't rocking us
Rasy should be more popular to the populace
They hate me mostly cuz I'm smarter plus my skin chocolate
Illuminati tentacles wanna drown me like an octopus

Documents. concocting plots like Osama with "J's" on
My Afghan virgin, her name "Neva-been-Laid-On"
Homey nobody do it better
Leave on a bad note like dyslexic suicide letter

[Outro: Ras and iPhone Siri]

RK: thats it! Siri,come get me baby. You know you hotter than Cubana Lust right?

Siri: I'd blush if I could

RK: well I gotta keep it 100.You getting old baby, you're a 4S.I'm cheating on you with your little sister, Siri 5

Siri: I'll pretend I didn't hear that

RK: come on man, you dont cook! you dont clean! Your head game is garbage right now (*##$

Siri: No need for profanity

RK: Shut the $#&@ up (*##$

Siri: but you're really getting on my $#&@ing nerve, I dont understand...

RK: $#&@ it! You want a ^!$$% to stay? this is what you do:You can go up to your job, you work for Apple anyway- I need all the new Mac apps, and I want you to steal me every song on iTunes, hurry up!

Siri: Act nice, now!

RK: Can I get Steve Jobs credit card??

Siri: this might answer your question (phone hangs up/dial tone)

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