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RAS KASS lyrics : "High IQ"

[Scientist voice:]
"Say, what do you suppose is the most important part of the body?
Some people say the feet, because we all have to walk.

Some say the eyes, because we all have to see.
Some say the heart..."[voice becomes distorted]

(you got emcees, you got entertainers,
and you got lyricists, which one are you?)

Brace yourself...impact...

my molecular structure
is that of an alien
coming out a bald white (*##$

On some %#@! that's wig-splittin'
Got ^!$$%s' heads dividing faster
than nerds at a calculus convention

Beyond comprehension
I implement my mental
over instrumentals

and it becomes as detrimental
to a ^!$$%
as Tuskegee experiments with syphilis

the fundemental rudiments
Studying the phonics of yesteryear
pioneers found buried in sediment plates

trying to metrate alphabetics
It took two weeks to estimate the way the old school emcee's said it
I break down the elements

of rocking a mic cable
like a periodical table
Subject matter, (1) production (2), delivery (3)

with the collection of all three
E = emcee squared

But there's a sucka born every minute, it appears
That's 1,440 a day,
525,600 redundant rappers a year

(complex concepts)
And I'm positive as protons,
^!$$%s won't comprehend John

So $#&@ Bone, I'm bad to the chromosome
All 46 that dwell in each somatic cell
could raise more hell

than Darryl, Jones, Rusty, or Satan
Exercise my mind
and turn fat tracks to muscle

I come from every angle
like 90 degrees in diameter
The Hemis chemist

Isolating isotopes
under microscopes
I bioengineer (Jacob's Coil???)

Let your lens focus
Through osmosis,
just standing next to me

I thought you knew (I thought you knew)
I'm the B-boy scientist
"with the high IQ"

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