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RAS KASS : Ghetto Fabulous lyrics

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RAS KASS lyrics : "Ghetto Fabulous"

(feat. Dr. Dre, Mack 10)

[Intro: Ras Kass]

Once again, we take over cash
Ras Kass, Dr. Dre and Mack 10 connected.

We ghetto fabulous baby.
The best food, drink and #[email protected] that money can buy.

[Verse One: Ras Kass]

Every day of my life is off the ringer

That's guaranteed, like a fistfight on Jerry Springer
I got the hottest flow to hit the street since lava
so holla, we all hustle for dollar dollars

From Sac to Houston, New Orleans to D.C.
We drinkin' V-S-O-P [?] the beats beep
Bangin, catch me with a dimepiece next to me

My Body all over Your Body like LSG
Neighborhood celeb with the keys to my city like the mayor
Rookies askin us how to be a playa

Get in where you fit in, and never get your ghetto pass revoked
No matter how much money you make
Stay true to the game loc, guest list terror clothes

in jeans and tennis shoes, breakin your strict dress codes
Spit lyrical bricks, thirteen deep
so I can be richer than Master P sellin 'Ghetto D'

[Chorus: Mack 10]

We Ghetto, fabulous
Money make the world go round so let's handle this
Ghetto, fabulous

Broadcastin live from Los Angeles
We ghetto, fabulous
Money make the world go round so let's handle this

Ghetto, fabulous
Broadcastin live from Los Angeles

[Verse Two: Dr. Dre]

You ain't heard of me, you ain't listenin hard enough

Started in Compton servin from a ice cream truck
Now ten years later whippin a custom Navigator
Steppin on your toes playa, stuffin up your alligators

I'm ghetto, like Newport cigarettes, feel me
Boom bap and slap that $$# silly
This is for the full time students slash part time strippers

And young ^!$$%z, clockin at least five figures
Some of us pro atheletes, some of us rap over fat beats
Some of us hustle in the streets

Twenty deep in Club Nikki's so you know we gots to mingle
Trickin' [?] off a pocket full of singles, huh
And it's all bueno, musical mafia like Frank Sinatra

Pop a thirteen shot glock to make you Go See the Doctor
Ain't nuttin nice
From hood to hood, love livin the lavish life


[Verse Three: Ras Kass]

^!$$% Stu-B-Doo in the GS, three ooh ooh

Playin number two Tekken, zero to sixty
in six point seven seconds *tires screech* hangin out the window
actin up, chickenheads like "You doin fo' months!"

Flexin the Rolex oyster perpetual, thirty-five diamonds
across the face, still eatin out foam cups and paper plates
We don't call it playa hatin in the nine-eight, it's P.I.

That's pass intereference, automatic first down
Want Juice like Tupac, then Obey Your Thirst clown
Be in the PJ's in NY, rockin DK

Mix EJ with OJ, OK, we say
"L.A. ^!$$%z got crazy came
like John Elway got a superbowl ring"

The homies down for whatever, we stack the chedda
Swiss bank accounts, and mo' mozzarella fella



Ugh! And it don't stop!


[fade out]

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