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RAS KASS lyrics : "Everything I Love"

Ron Isley's sample "For the Love" [different variations]
"For the love, for the the love, well, well, well"

%#@! is lovely

[Ras Kass]

I rock Versacci, sippin VSOP and Hennessey in foam cups
Motorola flips with illegal chips
Strippers with, measurements of 38-24-36 with DSL's

but money talks ESL
While every cell in my trunk experiences mitosis
I gross this cream like Altima

So after I catch wreck ^!$$% call FEMA
I mean I wouldn't claim to be phat if I thought a ^!$$% could serve me
But I've never been seen like Cole's big (*##$ Big Shirley

on Martin, a human wonder drug
I put that on everything I love


[Ras Kass]

I watch the sun set west
Wear a V-S1 on my chest, in Compton play milk
While in between two breast and a yeast infection

And laid up bumping an ugly girl
I'm on some Kurtis Blow %#@! as if I Rule the World
But without the jheri curl

Strictly short natural hair steelo
So I go to rob a joe Next Episode like Chino
Rap tracks the super macks 150 Lexolution

I'm serving each sentence concurent til execution
Got ^!$$%z running down the street buck naked cause on the mic I'm like Luke
Eradiction connection like Power Rangers flavors

Aside from my promiscuous sexual favors to my neighbors spouse
I'm D-MC without Run, so when you be illing
You be getting this dick in your mouth

So grab your Champagne glass and let the Moet flow
I serve love like John Mcenroe


[Ras Kass]

Trying to blow up like Pretty Toney without the loss of a limb
Not by selling trim but by the way I sell flem
Spitting game like Chick Hearns, listen, learn and recognize

I killed away more ^!$$%z camphore then spermicide
So stop @@#! blocking me with all that jealousy
Cause playa hating is a street code felony

I got a pocket full of C-notes and food stamps
Just big bills and free meals baby so lamp
Sport DKNY when I'm flossing

but still buy my T-Shirts and socks from the Slausson Swap meet
and I rock beats without baking soda
God don't like ugly but %#@! is lovely


I'm a give a shout out to my ^!$$%z

^!$$% Xzibit
Organized Konfusion
Mistic Journeymen

Saafir, my ^!$$%
You know

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