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RAS KASS lyrics : "Conceited Bastard"

[Verse 1:]

I created verb-noun ??? (The most beautifullest %#@!)

I make up like foundation, now who you facing?
The waterproof emcee,
Ras blessed the mic faster than Ramadan in mach 3

Get off my dick, ^!$$%
And tell your (*##$ to come here
And stick your dick in your eardrum and $#&@ what you heard (Yeah)

Fa sheezy, articulate drama
Multiple lacerations between consecutive commas
I like my ill nana wet, my martini dry

Whippin' a BMW 540-I (drunk driving Miss Daisy)
Devil in a blue dress packing heat
While I'm doing doughnuts in the middle of the street

My middle east metaphors motivate religious wars
Jah-hah (plus some other middle east dialect)
Get it popping like Felicia and Amhad Rashad

Keep my game face on like a goalie
So stick yourself, Pretty Tony

You, you are, you conceited !@$( [x8]

[Verse 2:]

(We still got some non-believers) So I'ma drop the bomb

Like the one-armed wide reciever
See we be off the hook like (busy signal from phone)
Criminally insana, my brain do the Macarena

Attack the varicose vanity who spin cancer
Rhetorical question, a hypothetical answer
Wouldn't swallow my tongue at a seizure

Speak my mind at my leisure
Living singe with more hoes than Khadijah
And when I'm bent, it's the circus without a tent

Clowning all baby-face $$# ^!$$%s who love hoes and pay rent
Give a chicken six cents for Gucci boots (Hell no!)
I rather mop the floor at a peep show

What part of "I'm the %#@!?" don't you understand? (Gooby (*##$)
Your favorite rapper is a Ras Kass fan
So, how many !@()s do I flip on the daily?

Many money, just give me plenty Henny Remmy

[Chorus: x8 again]

[Verse 3:]

(Well, that's true) Damn, skippy
I put that on everything I love
Like when Lucy was $#&@ing Ricky

Got more stripes than Adidas
I'm cavy like fish fetus
See money snit and bull%#@! out-run cheetahs

Too much perputrating, not enough lyricism
Indo got you believing what your pen do
Faking pugilism, the evil you claim you and your man do

With a gloc, when you least likely to red dot a 7-up can
My man, understand, I got connections
So much doe in my pocket, I give my girl a yeast infection

I'm big-headed like babies with down syndrome
Is you a playa from the Himalyas with Jerome-rome
This one girl tried to Billy Jean me

But I was wearing two rubbers
So name that ^!$$%, Whodini (laughing)
Controversal reversal, this is my planet

You just a Reebok commercial


What, ^!$$%, check, check, yeah
Uh, huh, yeah, yeah

This goes out to all the critics
You can suck the didick
Check this out for all the (*##$es to the radio

Don't hate me though, you don't know me

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