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RAS KASS lyrics : "Capital R.A.S."

[Lady of Rage x6:] "The Capital R A" "S"

[Ras Kass]
$#&@ glocks, I got 60 shots thoughts

Selling ^!$$%z chalk they outlines on the sidewalk
With when I talk so, come at me real
Before I take it to your $#&@ing face like Clearasil

See you can take a ^!$$% out the ghetto
But you can't take the ghetto out a ^!$$%
Cause even uppermiddle class ^!$$%z tend to act an $$#

Smoking blunts at the office station off the open ashe and ignite gas
C-ARSON the bushwazee, hot as hell in summer
$#&@ a puppy truck, but us ^!$$%z get Dumb and Dumber

But it's no wonder my cats pack thunder
And I got more raps/wraps then Mummy
Some mother$#&@ers better duck like Fluffy

These ^!$$%z hang on bungy and still wouldn't jump me
(Ay you hear the %#@! that ^!$$%) yeah, %#@! is quiet
So the next ^!$$% to get a parking ticket starts to riot


[Lady of Rage x6:] "The Capital R-A" "S"

[Ras Kass]

I'm eating every rapper on the plate to be
phat and gain weight like Riki Lake
So wack MCs can catch one buck like mexicans on the corner selling rolls

and peanuts, ^!$$% what
I perplex with styles iller then an episode from X Files
But $#&@ Fox they racist, cause COPS why they always show black peoples faces

And blurr all the white peoples faces
Plus they drop rocks, so I'm catching the Metro Rail
With the mother$#&@ing Molotov and cordless microphone so I can blow up the spot

I guess it's time C-arson started flossing
And got recognition for the $$#istent city of Compton
Though not quite a G it's an MC thing

You got my patiences wearing thin as a G-string
Cause ^!$$%z ain't %#@! but hoes with dicks
I know how they made, half man, half (*##$

So get to stepping like the Delta Sigma Phi Betta
Cause I get player haters peeled like western potatoes
Turn red like tomatoes, intestines got them all looking like spaghetti

At house parties, ^!$$%z throw bullets like caffetti
Think about it, it's all in the mind, it's all in the nine
Cause they both commit the crime

Youngster done $#&@ed in my house and doing shrooms
^!$$%z be in the mix like octoroon

[Lady of Rage x6:] "The Capital R-A" "S"

[Ras Kass]
I like (*##$ed with dimples and nipples the size of silver dollars

Chokin out LAPD Rottweilers like chihuahuas
Never had a 64 impala but now you want Deez
Like the individual dickrider

Dark skin, my pants sag, color me ^!$$%
Some of my homies flag blue rags, some on the B-Side
like Lord Digga, without a truce I got peace/piece

but at the house I keep heat so the first burgular
Makes me a murderer, I tear flesh with kanines
with nine lives like a feline but there's still no #~!!@ in it

So my mom makes 6 Gs a month and I still don't give a $#&@
Take me out if ya warna (Huh?)
These california ^!$$%z bout to put something on ya

So about as soon I start to search for survivors after the boom
I'm planting bombs in the Carson Hall restroom, ^!$$%

[Lady of Rage x6:] "The Capital R-A" "S"


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