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RAS KASS lyrics : "Billboard #1"

[Verse 1]
Wednesday afternoon, got a call at 12 o'clock
That on Billboard, on Beat Tracks, Tyrese just dropped

From #1 to #2
He said "guess who debuted at number 1?" You!
Dream come true, owner of my record label

Congratulating the money I'm about to be making
Ask me to come in at 4:10
Had an icy chain with my name and a 600 Benz

All about the Benjamins
BBS, I'm up to 30,000 spins
Publicist told me Spin Magazine want to do an interview at Endoscene tonight

Overnight superstar, the spotlight
Eating dinner next to Tom Cruise
Getting props from Trackmasters to Ja Rule

In between some bomb fool
Baby momma acting mad cool
Used to act a !@#$ fool

Like there ain't no future in this rap %#@!
Now she begging for backstage passes to Summer Jam
I laugh, people in the streets coming up for autographs

Women seem to offer me $$#


Number one!

[Verse 2]

At the club, I got in free, sat in VIP
Where celebs hang out, DJ shouting my name out
Now I know how the rich stay rich

Cause everybody and they mommas steady givin' them %#@!
I got a free ?, Mega Denim, Tommy jeans
And they all want me to do photo ads in magazines

Went from the BET video to big features in Vibe and Rolling Stone
Get the cover of the Source, they gave me three mics just last issue
I'm realizing the plot, ain't nobody gonna diss you

%#@! is rolling, went from 5Gs to 20Gs
The show is still growing, atoms still blowing
I'm on the road hoing

The ladies love me
I even $#&@ed a couple of (*##$es that used to call me ugly
Performances packed from front to back

Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Asian, and Black
Getting 25Gs a verse now
Every R&B singer with a remix paying the fee, %#@!

Rappers want cameos, 17 a flow
Movie soundtracks going 50 out the door


[Verse 3]

Since I'm so major
The label put down on a two-story house and a two-way pager
Suggested a more powerful attorney, ? Weiss

Handled Backstreet Boys, 2Pac, and Barry White
Need a new accountant: Ben Jones
New manager: my momma

Two bodyguards in case ^!$$%s start drama
Used to ride coach, now I fly first class
Weeks at the Four Seasons, all my (*##$es be bad

Everything's great
Fort Lauderdale, hosting MTV Spring Break
^!$$%s hate but kiss $$# when they see me

Toured the US and UK, went from France to Fiji
Every guest appearance I do feature my name first in their adverti!@&(t
Motivation to buy it

And every cameo, seem like that turn into that ^!$$%'s video
Time to start saying no
Sick of rappers using my name to blow

Sick of execs using my fame to blow
Plus, before I was hot, most of them never even spoke to me before
I got 2 million units sold

Album number 2, $900,000 advance
Million dollar recording budget, man
Sprite commercials, video directed by Hype

Offer to role in that new move from Spike
Bleach my teeth white, body like D'Angelo
Slow down my flow, gonna be a sex symbol
R&B gangster, got the formula locked
Sing on the hook cause we taking it pop

Produced by Teddy Riley, featuring Lil Kim
Got dissed by Eminem, said I dress real feminine
First week out, did real low numbers
40,000 units, next week it went under
By the third week, considered a flop

Owner ain't returning my calls, man I got drops
I'm number BOO

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