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RAS KASS : Ahha lyrics

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RAS KASS lyrics : "Ahha"

[Intro: Ras Kass]
Ah what's crack-a-lackin zr's and %#@!
Ya know DJ the boy brooklyn's own masses

It goes

[Chorus: Ras Kass]

Ahha if you like the way it goes
Keep it ra-ra big bank money and hoes
Look at ma-ma ohh wee losing her clothes

You get na-da (*##$ please go work them hoes
Ahha if you like the way it goes
Keep it ra-ra big bank money and hoes

Look at ma-ma ohh wee losing her clothes
You get na-da go work them classic saving hoes

[Verse One: Ras Kass]
These ^!$$%z rowdy-rowdy never rains in Southern Cali
Only clowdy, howey hit the valley in black Denali's

Like I am Johnny Gotti street on me they rock Armani's
Sorry somebodies baby mama got $#&@ed liked Oochie Wally Wally
Probably I will be ariving early at my platinum party

Poppin wheelies on a Decardi
Bacardi got me arrogant, grouchy and @@#!y like jocky
I be to complicated to copy can't stop me

@@#! lockly my block is craving for brocolli
My nuts to big homey they got me walking notly
I pop three collars at a time that's mine my dimes in every rhyme oh oh

($#&@ 'em)


[Verse Two: Ras Kass]
So quick so fast young ^!$$%z in the street is quick to blast

So get your cash up mad and sag your pance see that's the show
They them (*##$ ^!$$%z like eskimo
Cops better be ro-bo we refuse to move slow

Yet know Ras-y Kass-y at Hard Rock Cafe with Floyd Mayweather
Cussin out the ballet, shoes by ballets
Keep a ^!$$% on his toes like ballet, keeps a (*##$ like Cali

Next to me how I scooped a movie or I slang
with big drinks, big smokes, basically big thangs
So kick box before with get in your $$# like %#@! stains

(*##$ jock aka we switch names
I am Donte, ain't really much more to say
I speak latex like my plastic tongue like parquet

Son of-ma-(*##$ that's how I lossed my fiance
She said say my name I came and said Beyonce


Yaknahmsayin ^!$$%z that ought to do it gunplay

Wordplay which ever way y'all want man
Y'all can do it either way you knom'sayin this is straight hustling %#@!
Don't get it twisted ^!$$%

Filthy $$# ^!$$%z get thoose hands out yo pockets knahmsayin
We will see you whenever you wanna be see ^!$$%
You know'mean get layed down anyway you wanna get laid down ^!$$%

Get your %#@! together man rasey kassey man we hate y'all
Connection in Brooklyn connections in Cali anywhere in between ^!$$%
In between your girls thighs how you want all war ^!$$% let's go

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