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Raphael Saadiq lyrics : "The Answer"

Dream on
Dream on

Stop saying the game is sold and not be told
Try to help the child that's only 4 years old
Why, why would you sit back and relax

And watch them kids fall off the tracks?

How, how can we sit on the sideline

And watch it go down
You, you need to make someone feel really proud
Rhythm is the key, can't you see?

Just don't do it for publicity

I, I was the boy in the little picture

Always asking questions
But never getting really good answers
So I screamed out loud and said

Please give 'em the answers
Give 'em the answers, they need the answers

Some people ask me how is life for me
Growing up in a dark pretty city
It was scary but life was good

See in my neighborhood
In my neighborhood, in my neighborhood

In my neighborhood

It's all coming back to me now

See, when I was growing up
There was a lot of people raising me
I didn't know at the time

But I listened to everything I heard

Every man, every woman

Every teacher, every preacher
Yes, I listened too
And you gotta do the same things

Oh yes, you do

March to the drums, look all around you

Help somebody find their way
We gotta show 'em the way
Do it today, show 'em the way

Show 'em the way
Don't let 'em find out the hard way

Show them the way
Show them the way

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