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Raphael Saadiq lyrics : "Only Knew"

If you only knew, what it was like
Open back, you see the light
And you always put up a fight

I get lost within your stare
When we breathe the same air
I see you everywhere

It's hard to let go
You're holding on

Waiting for, a change that won't come
And they're playing saddest song

I close my eyes
Wishing you were there
But you never appear

Girl you worked every tear
Oh if you only knew
Oh if you only knew

Feeling strong, leaving you
Might be wrong, sad mistake
In my life, no promises

Now tonight, walk away
Get your flow, no one can kill
You know I'm right, I'm here for you

Can you hear me, on a train
Will explain, with a kiss
Don't cry, any tear

How I feel loving you
You made me strong, you made me new
Can't be wrong, I said stay

In my life, and promises
But tonight, walk away
Just like I'll pick you up and run away

I'm here for you, can you hear me?
On a train, I'll explain
You made me feel

You made me strong
Can we go on
The saddest day of my life

Promises about tonight
You're falling for me,
You're falling for me

You're falling for me
You're falling for me
You're falling for me

You're falling for me

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