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Raphael Saadiq lyrics : "Movin' Down The Line"

You can clap your hands if you want to

What's in your eyes? 'Cause they talk to me
They know how to read my mind
I get this feeling when you're next to me

It's like joy of summertime

I wanna be your favorite song

That would only bring you joy
But now that I never see you
I can only wish for more

But I

At the end of the I

I'll keep writing you
Should I stop by and say hi
Or just keep riding straight?

I wanna to be your hero
And everyone else knows

That you mean the world to me
So let love unlock the door

Oh, come on baby, let's move it together
It's just you and me, baby, that's all we got
I like it, I like it

Matter of fact, I love it

Without you there would be no life

Life for me to see
I do believe I'm the best when you
Are holding on to me

See, this love just keeps getting sweeter
Year after year

You know you're something like a miracle
Always knew you would appear

Oh, you got me smiling, girl, oh
Don't you wanna dance?
Don't you?

Come on, hold my hand, baby

Keep on moving

Move it just like that, oh yeah
Move it like that

Don't you ever go away, babe
Please don't go
Not you, no, not you

Please don't go
Don't you go away, walk with me, baby

Take off your dancing shoes, baby
I need you, I need you to stay
This is what Mr. Leon Ware would say

Making love in the dark
Love in the sun, love watching the moon

Love everyday, babe
Don't you go away, I want you to stay

Just take of your clothes, relax and live
Hold me and please me, I got your back, baby
Don't you go away, please don't go away

'Cause I'm here to stay

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