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RAINTIME lyrics : "The Black Well"

Caught by the smile of the moon,
Wandering through the unknown,

Remembering how was my home,
Raped by the cold of the

Solitude that I detest,
It aches inside when I can't rest... I Fear!
Voices whispering my name,

Chasing dreams that look so vane...
The well behind the gate will soon change my fate!

Frost... getting inside of my wounds,
The well... reflecting the shine of the moon!

The shimmering light of the moon, so pale!
Allows to look directly in it's face!
Leading me into an immortal state of grace,

Not as her radiant brother,,, the sun!!!

The sun... who keeps my eyes away from him,

His blinding light, it's inhibition for my dreams, it seems...
At night I feel pleased,
But now I need.........

Forever to keep me alive!

I won't be able to stand
Another day of the light...
Awaking inside of the


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa