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RAINTIME lyrics : "Chains Of Sadness"

Laying down in (the) dark cell
Crying bitter tears
Waiting for freedom

Time´s running out
Sleeping on this cold stone
Ice inside as well

I feel so faithless
God´s gonna away
Is this bunch of misery

Just all for me?
Should I survive to this hell?
Had pangs of hunger

Are stealing my nerve
Everything around me
Is mudding me up

Father I´ll forgive you
For all your sad crimes
Should I survive to this hell?

Now, now that I´m here
Will I prevail over this fear?
I´m... I´m digging my soul

´Cause I´ve seen a sunrise or a sunset
As I was blind
Time´s running out

Time´s running out
I´ll die again
I´ll die again

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa