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RAINMAKERS : Battle Of The Roses lyrics

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RAINMAKERS lyrics : "Battle Of The Roses"

I jumped ship
Heard the sirens singing
Swam like a sinner till

I reached the shore
Bum trip
The mutiny was brewing

Candle to the keg to the ocean floor
Now I'm alone, yes I'm alone
The old world's sinking like a stone

I am a man without a country
and I'm a boy without a home
I'm a casualty of the battle of the roses

And the war of the broken home
I got busted for drinking while thinking
Carrying a weapon under my coat

And I trusted the wrong bunch of people
And now I'm a pirate on the bad dream boat
And I'm alone, yes I'm alone

And now I fly the skull and bones
Oh I see land (ho!) divided down the middle

And the sides are divided and divided again
I see so (so!) many people lonely
Lover hating lover

Friend against friend
And I'm alone, yes I'm alone
And now I'm never going home


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