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RAINA KABAIVANSKA lyrics : "Verdi - MacBeth, 'Vieni! t'affretta!"

Macbeth, you are an ambitious man.
You want to be great, but will you be wicked?
The way to the power is full of crimes,

And plague on him
That begins that way doubting and then goes back.

Come on! Hurry up!
I will fire your cold heart!
I will make you able

To complete the bold undertaking.
The witches promise you
The Scottish throne...

What are you waiting for?
Accept this gift! Ascend it and reign!

Now arise,
All you,
Ministers of hell,

Who incite,
Spur mortals to bloodshed!
You, rightfully...

Enshroud us with thick darkness!
Let the dagger not see the breast it strikes, etc.
Now arise all!

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