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RAGE lyrics : "Serial Killer"

Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy
Jack the Ripper guiding me
When you laughed I had to cry

As you tread me, so shall I

Cut 'till you bleed, that's what I need

I eat you alive and then I will watch when you die

The fading light brings up a summer's night

Hot is the city here, I sit and drink my beer
I feel a need come with my inner heat
Soon I'll be out again, out to release my pain

Lady of sin, come, let me in

Yes, I, I'm killing you serial
And I, I chop off my victims heads (collect/number)
Yes I, I'm killing you serial, I'm serious

And I will find myself in good company
'Cause man is a killer, oh can't you see

Peter K├╝rten, John Christie
And Fritz Haarmann inspiring me
You have stomped all over me

What you've built, this will be me

I want no sex, just chainsaw your legs

I love when you scream and then I will watch your blood stream

I'm like a slave, a servant of the grave

There is an inner voice, leaving me not a choice
I'm deaf and blind, in my distorted mind
No room for empathy, a monster I must be

Drowning in blood, now I am god

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Thanks to maria.01215