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RAFFY lyrics : "Daily Girl"


Monday! I'll be the kindest girl.

Tuesday! Will be the girl that you'll be needing.
Wednesday! I'll make it up to you, coz I've appointments to attend to.
Thursday! I'll be your soulja girl.

Friday! I'll give you another world.
Saturday! I'll give you what you want.
and Sunday! You will be the perfect one.

Oh, baby, I would be annoying if you like,

You'll really enjoy, believe me coz it's deep inside.
Scratch out all the things that i list.
After i do it, come and let's celebrate coz i made it.

Would be fantastic, if you'll bring champaigne.
I'll call my friends to keep the party from getting boring.
Now, baby relax coz in a minute, it is time crash. (Chorus)

Honey,can you tell me that it is love.
Not whatever do you call it, they said im just drunk.

They said it's a mistake that you're into it.
And you said that it's the real world that i'm staying in.
No i have nothing to embrace but when i your face.

That always kept me strong, nothing's wrong.
Happy i met you, that I've known you.
Maybe, the time will past and hope our love will last.(Chorus)


It's not what you think it is.
That I'm a giver,who doesnt give respect for that matter.
Someday you'll understand that when you've loved someone and you're given a chance

To be loved by someone you love.
That's why you love 'em so much.
One day! You'll realize and do the same thing.

To keep 'em by your side forgot about saying goodbye.
That's why.... (Chorus)

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