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RAEKWON FT. JD ERA lyrics : "Just A Toast"

They're serving that exotic %#@!, man
Word up

[Verse 1]
We drink Courvoisier exclusive

Kill off the snitches, $#[email protected] all fly (*##$es
Jump in the coupe, let your chicken yell
Throw her head out the moon, go ahead and look mama, see how it feels

I know the feds clustered up flexin', drivin', importin'
Insurance is killing the gangsta when you work four ?? in office
Being the luck stud bad (*##$ in tux

She know me from the ??? she bought the what
Automatic stainless good fella
That ain't my main (*##$, who ride around angry, the same %#@!

Coast through the world like ??? ^!$$%s is blessed up
Yes yes, I'm at my best, boy rest
Powerful when giving [email protected]%!e out

You know they call me Sugar Ray The Chef, the goat's out
Giving good-boy gifts to the gangstas
With more points than unicorns

They know what's dough is always dough
Riding at maximum speed, give me weed give me cheese
I like cheddar of V-neck leather

Diana gold, two boxes centuries, yeah
Mention me, you better say that ^!$$% is better, what?
It's why I lighted up with the highlights, the wolf's out

Black fur, black spur, (*##$es is purred out
You know I'm flexing and my character strong
I could bag your (*##$ then flow through your lawn

JD Era:
I am killing them softly, pillow walk with a face flow

Them younguns let it off for them pesos
They used to cut off the hot water and cable
Now I'm standing with the garb out to bring amps to the table

What your life like? Mine's is real
We used to have to rob and steal
We cook, ?? whatever for a bit of a meal

Yeah, they don't wanna see us with how I'm beginning to feel
But still I stand firm, posted up
They say knowledge is power, I soak it up

Kush pounds came here we broke it up
I said good morning to Ronald, we woke it up
Wake up, (*##$ I'm mad, it ain't a secret

My third eye twitching, the way I peeped it
A G's incense when the weed led
And keep the white girls moving like their peach pit

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Thanks to scumpica_nico