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RACHAEL LYNN lyrics : "Dare To Be Different"

He walks to school
Nobody notices,
He hides the bruises

underneath his clothes.

His mom don't ask,

and he won't tell.
All his friends,
Don't know him,

All so well

Nobody knows that he's breaking?

Nobody knows where he's been.
Everybody says that he's broken,
But I think, he's just bent.

Dare To Be Different

She walks to class

with her hoodie on,
behind the mask,
she's worn so long.

The teacher don't hear
all the rumors spread,

or the notebook sayin'
how I wish I was dead

Who will care that she's breaking?
Who will care where she's been?
Everybody says that she's broken,

but I think, she's just bent.
Dare To Be Different.

Who wrote the book on what is right?
What makes me so wrong?
I know my time here will be well spent,

cause I dare,
yeah, I dare,
I Dare To Be Different

Just another day,
with the damage done.

You never know how your words can cut someone.
Look into their eyes,
and maybe you will see,

how everyone is how their meant to be!

It's time for us to care that they're breaking.

Time for us to care where they've been.
You might say that we're broken
but I think, we're all a little bent.

Dare To Be Different
Dare To Be Different

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