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QWEL and MAKER : A Little Something lyrics

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QWEL and MAKER lyrics : "A Little Something"

I thank Yah for the effort that He set in my soul
And for His Son and all my brothers who perfected my hope
For all the times and the love that I neglected to show

I've grown better through this stress in the regret that I've known
The molten fire deep inside us that remembers us home
Yah got us, it's on us to select direction to grow

For the depth of the effortless breath that swept through my soul
The respect never expected but accepted as gold
Through this December flesh session flows reflect in the cold

The lessons represent in essence the measured length of the road
That's the truth has been the truth before sex ever sold
Wept for control, and countless soldiers folded from pressure alone

This flesh is just snow rolled wet protecting this stone
Keep the stone nice
Christ swept your debt from the throne

See there's demons in between us, that fiend to step on your stone
To ascend to Heaven, just as evil as deception is old
Let it be known these are the end times, demented headlines

With plenty of venomous sedatives sold to hone your dead mind
To find we wanted it like cancer but need it like bread lines
Receive a chip quick as needle prick, deception and lies

The next step, perfected FEMA with their techs in our spines
Rising fever, TV reality, the message denied
It's in the enslavers favor that we're deafened and blind

Create an image in his likeness, suspended in time
Yet the Divine set a design to try the depths of your mind
Side step the nets in nestled mines to find a cleansed soul

Set in stone Heaven's throne His shine reflect in your eyes
Yah's elect all collected in a second to rhyme
It's best described in my mind as a child when I'd wake

And just knew that school today would be too much to take
Sweaty palms praying, Father, please, I'd much rather play
And in that instant of wishing, realize it's Saturday

I thank Yah for His presence and conception of light
Cause in this struggle only the humble catch the lessons in life

I thank Yah for ever and for sending us Christ
For the Message and the Blessings
For the rest of my life

I thank Yah for His reverence and conception of love
Cause this deception is perception, sense perfected Above

I thank Yah for the rains and for taking my pain
I thank Yah for His Son and for the sake of His name

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