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QUINTON SMITH : What I Have to Give lyrics

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QUINTON SMITH lyrics : "What I Have to Give"

I don't take relational risk
I stay in the silence
Being misunderstood gives me anxiety

So I quiet that part of me, the heart of me
People everywhere, but I'm all alone
In my comfort zone, it's become my home

I cry out to all around, but it's without sound


Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you need me
Tell me I can call you in the night, and come over anytime

Because I'm not feeling so safe and I need to feel more sane
Oh, tell me what it is , why this world wants what I give

Dying from hiding, but tired of trying to earn friendship, and things that are intimate, it's the root of these addictions , my fear of commitment
And I tell everyone I'm an introvert, because I'm scared to get hurt
I pace the floor all alone just to find out who I am


I want to love, I want to trust, I want to know someone,
but much more I want to be known
like light to my bones.

I'm about to jump in,
in this uncertain ocean,
relationships hurt us

but they are what heal us,
so help me Jesus

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