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QUINTELL WRIGHT : Lose Kontrol lyrics

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QUINTELL WRIGHT lyrics : "Lose Kontrol"

[Chorus 2x: Kelly Baskin]
Babe the way that you're making me unload
I can't take it, you make me lose kontrol

Take you home with me later and unload
I can't take it, you make me lose kontrol

[Verse One: kwintell Wright]
Lights, camera, action
On fire, I'm matchin'

Flyer than Aladdin, higher than you can imagine
Lady call me baby so I call her Lady Gaga
After party hotel, papa gon' give you some ba-ba

We don't pay no fee, we know bouncers, we get in free
DJ spinning Wheel of Fortune right where we entry
Explosive TNT, dancing, feeling so amazing

Black, White, Latina, Native girls, Indian and Asian
Cajun, spicy, race to her in my Nikes
She charged up like a bison, it's all good but don't Mike Ty bite me

KwinTell Wright in the building, if you know me, best call me Kyoo
Sprinkle your ears with flavor, extra crispy bar-b-que

[Chorus 2x: Kelly Baskin]
[Verse Two: Kwintell Wright]
Squat and pop it, pop and lock it

Houston heating up my rocket
Tasted Baskin Robbins flavors
It's time that you try my chocolate

Holiday Inn, Hilton or the Hyatt
Don't matter I get it in, no matter where I'm at
Ten hut, I'm sizzling

Pressed upon me I'm drizzling
Sweat on my tee, she feel intense
Hyper as kids on Ritalin

It's her party, DJ plays what she wants to
Shake what she wants to, drink what she wants to
Too legit to quit, cold as ice, ice baby

Enter 7 digits, girls that I like save me
Home run real, Babe Ruth no liar
Wannabe's lame, all Mark McGwire

[Chorus 2x: Kelly Baskin]

[Verse Three: Kwintell Wright]
Let me get a lil' action here
Get the party up and crackin' here

Girls pull they cams out, kiss, post pics, this party's packed in here
Everybody raise your glasses here
Girls gone wild, flashin' here

Climbed out the past with a present beat from Future, classic here
Turn ya over like a roller coaster, flippin ya around, dice on monopoly
Sloppily, pouring honey and syrup all over your bod-duh-dy

Back and forth, ping pong
I am large, King Kong
Haters swallow ding dong

Star Trek, Klingon

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