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QUINTELL WRIGHT : Global Misfit lyrics

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QUINTELL WRIGHT lyrics : "Global Misfit"

[KwinTell Speaking]
For all my people... who are misunderstood worldwide... or as I like to call em... global misfits... yours truly... KwinTell Wright. Look... listen.

[Verse One]
She was an angel then shifted angles
Dame lost her name, became a Jane Doe

Said every man she met was a-hole
That's why she went 100% to rainbow
No pesos, she got a stripper gig to make dough for her son

Whsoe breakfast and dinner's Frosted Flakes
Like Legos it clicked, but ain't forever stick
Got good tips from every strip but felt she had to split, imagine this

Man of hers, flashy young brotha back handin' her
Sneakin', cheating, different women, sofa or the banister
Not giving up, she got a lil bit of stamina

As a teen dreamed, even fiend for the camera
Let the hood vacuum her good, now she bad too
Life oozed juice like her cherry back tattoo

Son's home alone feelin' neglected, scarred
Father's a question mark
Drama in session starts

[Chorus 2x]
I want a love... love, love, love. I want a love...

[Verse Two]
He started good dude then took a new move
Culinary major, influenced by hood dude

Said cook crack, why should you cook food?
That's why he went 100% to crook dude
They hooked dude to clients he's supplying that white with

Trading skillet and spoon for baking soda and pyrex
Call him a [email protected]%!e boy, not the type you digest, but inhale that poisonous whiteness
As his sleepless momma looks out the window, exhales

At the night sky, wanting her son to excel in life
Bridge a gap in his academics
But he only cares to wear Gap and Akademics

And he's past the speed limit, all drunk on the highway
Bullets through his chest on that very same Friday
Mom's home alone feelin' neglected scarred

Killer's a question mark, drama in session starts

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse Three]
Had supreme Hall of Fame dreams, ballin' mean as Barkley

But haters bite at my fins to Free Willy and Jaws me
Fightin' to keep the vison, God don't let 'em Ray Charles me
Battling ying yang, good and my bad

Common sense versus fun loving, reckless $$#
First mentality babe or you'll be next to last
Tried to bring 'em to speed but they creepin' in snail

Tried to get em to see but they readin' in brail
No, I ain't a saint
Been slipping off the ladder but learned from my mistakes

Climbing to the plank
Diving to my destiny
Loyalty is rare, if you love me say a prayer for me

Grandma you the glue to keep our sanity and heart
Only fear is if you go, our family'll fall apart
Pops died '08,. lack of knowing couldn't teardrop

So I made pen cry ink in my hip-hop

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