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QUINTELL WRIGHT : Global Misfit II: Urban Alien Featuring Travis A. Wright lyrics

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QUINTELL WRIGHT lyrics : "Global Misfit II: Urban Alien Featuring Travis A. Wright"

[QuinTell speaking]
Last time... was for all my people... who are
misunderstood worldwide; global misfits... so much so... they start feeling

Foreign... urban aliens. Yours truly... QuinTell Wright. Still look. Still

[Chorus 1x: Travis A. Wright]
We had colorful dreams but the powers that be
Told us save it for another day, 'nother day

Made our inner child give up, cast out
So we tend to look the other way, other way

[Verse One: QuinTell Wright]
She was taught pledge to the red, white and blue
Till her dad was red by the boys white in blue

Katrina's eyes flooded but what could she do?
A daddyles daughter, no pops, just the hoops
WNBA posters on her wall

Basketball trophies laid over her drawer
Prettygirl tomboy, life covered in scars
Rewinded to a time when she used to color and draw

In reality, her mama sells herself like a store
High school rumors 'bout it is crushing her sore
Louder than college scholarships knocking her door

She's gotta pray hard just to elevate from it
Or lose power like Egyptians took from Mubarick
Got her twisted like Daiquiris, drastically

Piling up problems B-I-G-er than Wallace
City girl just lost it in a world so lawless

[Chorus 1x: Travis A. Wright]

[Verse Two]

He was taught pledge to the flag swastika
Supremacist family, raised awfully rough
They couldn't see through colorblind binoculars

And hated all minority friends that he loved
Rebelled, !#@$ couldn't be with that
Skinhead grew his hair like a Chia Pet

Fam disowned him, seen as a traitor
Kicked out, center finger up all you haters
Moved with a black friend, trying to get his weight up

Working long hours, couldn't pick his pay up
Old checks piling, papa guarded trailer
Rifle @@#!ed and ready, if he ever came up

Now he envies the birds casue he ain't fly
And he's praying to Christ on the main line
Piling up problems B-I-G-er than Wallace

Country boy just lost in a world so lawless

[Chorus 1x: Travis A. Wright]

[Bridge: Travis A. Wright]
Just take a step back and look out the window

At the world that we've created
There's so much change that we can make happen,
But we've got to go out and make it

So keep your head high, reach towards the sky,
And fly

[Chorus 1x: Travis A. Wright]

Look whose trending now, Steve turned to Stephon

Women follow twitter style, now I'm socially on
Started in the hood, moved out, still it's in me
The real hood, not tv

Where the Summer ghetto kids chase ice cream trucks
Pop fire hydrants open, make it rain like bucks
Ambulence sirens is a morning alarm

CPD's locking brothers up like a farm
Even Stevie wonders babe, when we gon' see?
Still finding myself, Nemo lives in me

No matter how grown, still a child at heart
So when my body act up, please examine my heart

[Chorus 1x: Travis A. Wright]

[Outro 2x]
Father God wrap your arms, don't leave me, don't leave me
Don't leave me, while I'm stuck inside a world that tries to deceive me,

Deceive me, deceive me

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