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QUEZ FT. THING LOU : Regular Thing lyrics

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QUEZ FT. THING LOU lyrics : "Regular Thing"

I call the whip cheese, said that (*##$ yellow and green
My brother Lou getting money like he sellin them things
I got a whole gold Rollie and the bells of this clean

And I be rockin that (*##$ like it's a regular thing yea

Introducing the youngest and the newest members

Of the millionaires club, show em how we do this
Disclaimer on my little verse about money
Can't respect that? Gotta get they broke airwaves from me quick

And not to mention all the broke ^!$$%s funny
And the clothes that they wearin so bummy

I swear to God I'm in the VIP with his girlfriend getting chummy
She got good brain but the bad (*##$ a dummy

Well me? Lou Wheel, I get it in
And to think I don't get paid by this paper or this pen
Confused? I know, well just let that burn

Here's your hint, I'm 25 and my check signed by David Stern, yo time

Yea bro, my check signed by myself

I might outgrind myself, my watch might blind myself, %#@!
Just left Phil's Plazzy, just being me
I pulled a 29 year old, she say she 23

True, but she's a liar my dawg
And if you leave it up to me I wouldn't call er at all

Today is Monday, I'm in my regular car
But this a Maybach and 'm way back, this ain't regular at all, car

Nah, that %#@!'s irregular dawg
And tonight I'm just chillin with my regular broad
And my homie got the pistol, I'm just telling em dawg

And we been getting money, we ain't stressin at all

These OD's is PRP's

600 a piece, but these is regular jeans
What's that? What at? Well that's me Rolex black
Cost me 30 stacks and I ain't got no diamonds on that, I'm gone

I still roll through the hood, bout 30 homie
I Robin Hugh, blow the day, not the Rollie help me

So much gold, the Holy Ghost wanna rob me
I'm right here aimed, duckin the Dodger

Everywhere I go, women wanna know
They be like what kind of car is that, Lou? What kind of clothes are those?
I be like aha, see this my regular swag

20 thous on the Hermes, that's a regular bag, ya dig?

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