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QUEEN OF WISHFUL DRINKING lyrics : "Disney's Witty Woman"

Remember when a hundred and ten
Was something that was in the shade
Now thats the price without any ice

Because attendance must be paid

When I read New Yorkers Talk of the Town

Its C-Carrie Fisher by herself

I worked overtime at my low wage

Spent my savings without thinking
'Cause it's Princess Leia on that stage
That's the ka-ching of Wishful Drinking

That's the ka-ching of "Wishful Drinking"

I don't choose to read her reviews
They'll probly tell me way too much
They'll give away the quips that she'll say

'Bout Harrison and Mark and such

Since she has left a hole in my wallet

I've somehow got to fool myself

That the hundred ten plus service charge

That I shelled out without blinking
Doesn't make the tension loom so large
I hocked my bling for Wishful Drinking

I never ever spend a hundred bucks

I'll get over it I know I will

Should I have spent the dough on Jackman and Craig

Or maybe Catherine Zeta Jones

Will the audience be hip and glam

That'd help if the show is stinking
Lord let Rosie sit near where I am
Will I see Sting at Wishful Drinking

Or Larry King at Wishful Drinking

I'll get over it, won't curse and and cuss

She has a place in my heart
But lord I spent a hundred plus
I hope there's zing to Wishful Drinking

I'll get over it, I know I will
I'll pretend theres a cast of thirty

And I'll miss Catherine Zeta Jones
To see this thing called Wishful Drinking

I'll get over it, wont make a scene
She has a place in my heart
I'll miss James Bond and Wolverine

For the ka-ching of Wishful Drinking

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