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QUEBOYY : Hustler Musik (feat. Lil Wayne) lyrics

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QUEBOYY lyrics : "Hustler Musik (feat. Lil Wayne)"

you allready know (3x)

these the hip-hop blueprints
QUE Bizzle got the muther-$#&@in hip-hop blueprints

(verse 1)
My swag prolific

Money flow horrific
temper be terrific
my life so exquisite

ima beast to be specific
you lesser than a cricket
you couldn't pay the lease to they slapped you with a ticket

everyday i'm like Jay, very jigga-rific
hotter than a stove
coller than the ice thats frozen on ya nose

i'm not here to brag about the dough thats on the floor
everything designer from my head to my toe
im feelin' sympathetic for all the diabetics

(i'm) very energetic, you very apathetic
i saw my best friend get shot called the paramedics
we was in the ambulance and they hit him with the anesthetic

hard to believe we killin' each other, man thats pathetic
got my young brother Dtre, we go together synergetic
Berto told me stay with the music he should get all the credit (cedit)


(verse 2)
my sneaker collection shouldn't be mentioned

i'm takin' this track in a new direction
so can i get your attention, class is in session
i'm the hardest thing since the $#&@in' great depression

something you need to percept is to always wear protection
when you got her undressin', no unwanted conception
i'm at a life poker table and all these bluffers over-bettin

i'm a coupe [email protected]^%, 2 doors, with my foot to the floor
make the whole thing roar
i gotta new sound for you

guess what im about to do
ima go hard, ima ima go hard
open your minds cause im the key to get inside

i get replied (to) and you always get denied
i got told once "no pride no rise"
im from the east side but i took it down south

and i gotta say I like it better down south
no more doubts and no more pouts
so if you ain't livin' right then start a new route!


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