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QUE : So congruent lyrics

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QUE lyrics : "So congruent"

hey how ya doin my name is que
if you didnt know, allow me to introduce
i am that $#&@in dude

killin beats
aimin for your ears to please
every line stings like im a bumble bee

dope beats are the nectar that i need
then i got your pollen with the lyrics that i read
and im about to bloom like the first day of spring

gotta handsom flow, no scarlett jo
drinkin a lil jack, hittin the road
gotta nifty flow

spiffy hoes
got the spliffy rolled
spark it up, its gettin cold


pass it to the back, cause in the $#&@in past

i used to get skipped, now i have the access
to all this excess reefer
no sam bradford but im 2012s sleeper

gonna $#&@in win it all
remember startin at a crawl
now im killin all of yall

its basic protocol

so much is on my mind, i am $#&@in mentally weak
no liquor, but a strong flow, call it hercules
spittin hotter than mercury

verbal artiliary
shootin down the $#&@in haters
cause they mean nothin to me

wont catch a grenade for you
thats just stupid
but when the dates over

youll be thankin cupid
i am not a nuisance
but i got some loose ends

every battle i have, they are always $#&@in losin
cause im ruthless
leave you toothless

cause you cant move this
no ones been able to do it
i am so $#&@in fluent

me and beats are so congruent
tryin to make a buck, no jon gruden

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