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Q. MICHAEL : Questions (Inside My Head) lyrics

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Q. MICHAEL lyrics : "Questions (Inside My Head)"

What's left of me but loneliness?
What's left to be but here?
Where's the heart I gave in vain?

What villain but you is near?

To see so much, I'm blinded by,

Both sorrow and regret,
To feel so much I crave to be,
As numb as God will let.

My glass is always full to Him,

My heart is full of Joy,
What would He say if He really knew,
I'm still just a lost boy.

Searching for some answers,
Finding more questions instead,

If He only knew the agony,
That reels inside my head.

Who do you see when I'm on the stage?
Me, I just see Him,
The man who walked on water to me,

Now drowns me at his whim.

What hero are you speaking of,

When you look up to me?
I can barely save myself most days,
Is a scrub what you wanna be?


Who is he with, and why, oh why?
What's he doing now?
Where does his allegiance lie?

And when is my last bow?

Now everything he was, I am,

An ugly price to pay,
For a prayer I never thought to pause,
And say, 'Well, should I pray?'

(Chorus x2)

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