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PureNRG lyrics : "Someday"

If it was up to me my life would be a blue print on the table and every year would have a label I would know precisely the day that you would come and find me I'd see your face(the one that I dream of) I just can't wait cos I know


someday someone's gonna change my life some how someone's gonna make me smile like I never have before someday someday somewhere, someone's gonna steal my heart some how we'll never ever be apart and I can't wait for that someday someday isn't so far away

I lay awake at night wondering if I had waste the chances giving up from small romances then I look outside you're wondering on the same midnight sky(you're waiting too) I'm the one that you dream of these dreams come true


guess I'll never know if I passed you on the street the other day or maybe you're far across the ocean knowing evry night I pray that some how he will send you my way someday someday


Someday isn't so far away

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