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PureNRG lyrics : "Girls Can Change The World"

Have you heard the rumor
Do you think it's true
He said, she said

It's all over school

It's drama I can't believe that

Everybody's talking
About someone else
Just to feel better about themselves

Come on now
Girls of the world unite

Nothing's gonna change
If all we do is fight

I think it's time that
We turn some things around

We gotta stop trying
To tear each other down
If we shine

If we share the love we found
Girls can change the world

There's more to us than what you think
We play football we wear pink
It's obvious we can do anything

So don't you think we can just get over
Trying to be better than each other

Come on girls of the world unite
We can work together if we try


You gotta believe love

Can change everything, yeah

[Chorus 2x]

Yeah, yeah
Girls can change the world

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