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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS : There It Goes lyrics

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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS lyrics : "There It Goes"

Give it time man
I'ma be alright

It's $#&@ed up
I'ma be alright
At least I got my rydas, tho


There it goes

Anotha casket dropped unda
In the midst of the rain and thunda
And I wonda

About that watchin' this risk
And why I didn't take that (*##$
Anotha funeral

Third night this week
Everybody and they mamma catchin' slugs in the street
I know the reverend by name

He's like Bullet
It's your turn ta run ta Burger King

Mamma told me I had three strikes in life
When I was 18 I got a job at Mike's
Car wash

The place where the (*##$es be
Till I got mad and slapped Mike and his homie
They called the pig

Then they called my Pop's
I pissed on the vacuum in the back of the shop
It broke on out

Now the cops is on my tail
Cherry on the (*##$es (?)
If a ^!$$% only fail (?)

[Chorus x2:]
I'ma Be (Alright)

I'ma Be (Alright)
I'ma Be (Alright)
I'ma Be Alright, but (There it goes)

I coulda been a doctor
Maybe even a president

Instead I slang dope
In a crackhouse resident
Raised in the strip

By pimps and O G's
Rock a girl with ADIDAS
Till the age of 13

Till I caught by the pigs
Slangin' bags and such
Had every last dopehead

Ridin' my nuts
Felt like I was on top of the world
What a head won't do for the bag of a white girl

I had T.V's and VCR's
Stereo systems and stolen cars
More throwaways in the bottom of the river

When I was hungry
Crackheads brought me dinner
I kept Trumph on my bankroll

If I met a fine (*##$ I'd put her on the stroll
Everything was straight till they raided my spot
Now a ^!$$% on the run and the fever gettin' hot

[Chorus x2]

Where my one good last thing at
Used ta flippin' money on hos
Now it's smack

You should be a Ryda
Heh, picture that
Now where the $#&@'s my pipe

For the crack
No more hatchet rydas got my back
Got me a penetrate in my black Cadillac (AHHH)

There it goes
Or it seems
Until I woke up from my...

Dreamin' of the money and the cars

Ho's in the strip bars
Now I'm all alone
To buy a couple fallin' stars
On the bottom of the barrel
Lookin' for a hookup

And when it's all done
I watch everyone book up fast
Spendin' all my money
People hate my $$#
And now I'm really out of cash

Keep your money and your friends tight
Leave dem ho's
Or you can wave it all bye ^!$$% there it goes

[Chorus x4]

Oh an one more thang
I'ma be alright tho
I got my rydas wit me

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