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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS : Ryden Dirtay lyrics

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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS lyrics : "Ryden Dirtay"

These rydas to cool to ryde dirty
They Ryde Dirtay
See basically, uhh, everyday when you wake up in hood

You gotta look at yourself in the mirror
And make that decision
Either you gonn ride like a square

Or you gonna ride dirty like a Ryda
But Rydas are too cool for that %#@!
They Ryde Dirtay

You see
You might have 6, 7 bags [email protected](% up in the mutha $#&@ glove box
Or maybe a brick of weed taped to the engine

I don't know what your preference is
Mutha $#&@a but ya better have your heat
And if the pig pull you over

You can't hesitate to pull off on his $$#

15 black trucks baby

Rydin' in the roll
From the 7 Mile East to the southwest side

Final destination
Clark Park summertime
Where them (*##$es flaunt $$# in the sunshine

I grip my wheel
I'm like the 4th truck back
L'il punch of perkasets

And a Kool-Aid pack
I'm tryin' not to spill the Rock and Rye

With the freekshow bump face twitch in my eye
Blowin' cane dust all up off the dash
Bullet quick out the yay for that night of cash

Ryden Dirtay
Till I flip this Birtay
But hey it's like

Summer breeze
After I deliver these

I'ma take it eaz
In the Florida Keys
We'z gonna take time

Sippin' Carribean wine
With a twist of lime
In the sunshine

[Chorus x2:]
In the hood, I be tryin' to slang that J

I be makin' all them pay (Heeey)
In the hood, I be tryin' to slang that J
I be out ryden dirtay (Heeey)

We ryden deep and dirty
On the streets of the D

Duck ya head low
When you see me pull the heat
I'm comin' for your jewels

And all your $#&@in' cash
So when you see us pull up
You better hit the gas

And mash all out of this district, (*##$
Stay and become my next victim (*##$
Cuz we rydin' down the street

Dumpin' out windows
And we don't give a $#&@ who we really hit tho

I'm rydin' dirty like a dirty low
I'm down with Bullet, Cell Block, Full Clip and that ^!$$% Fo Fo
Mo money mo problems

Mo mutha $#&@in' weight
Mo Ryda tagga reppin' with a can of black spray paint
I cross the line and put a K, you know

How we do when it come to them outside ho's
I'ma Ryda rydin' dirty
And that's how I do

And every ^!$$% in my crew be the same way to

[Chorus x2]

Eight o'clock on the dot

Rydas at my door
Grab a bag of weed and a chrome pistol
Fo Fo wanna ryde and smoke till the day comes
And we ain't lookin' fo beef unless ya make some
Taste them ho's

And let the 20 inch rim roll
I'm out of control
Rydin' Dirty in my low low
We just lookin' for that Barbeque
With a l'il drank, a l'il weed

And that (*##$ with you

Look up in the rear view
%#@!, man

It's the pigs in blue
Start to get laid up str8 tho
It's officer Ham $#&@er cop on the payroll
As he approaches
I roll down the window
Here we go

Two grams of [email protected](% and some indo
Get the $#&@ on
Filthy pig
That's the beneficials
Of Ryden Dirty

There ain't no sunshine

When ya dirty rydin'
Always creepin'
Slidin' Hidin'
Make Ya drops
Shake a Cop
Give a dap to the Devil
And ya take your dop

The feelin' is good when the deed is done
Home free and ya didn't have to kill no one
Lucky you ain't dead
You played the game
Rydin' Dirtay boy I tell ya
Ain't nothin' the same

[Chorus x2]

You see I'm an old school dirty ryda
I used to have a mutha $#&@in' ice cream truck
That I'd slang my bags from
Yea you might get a mold, and bag of chips and nice pop from me mutha $#&@a
And all the mutha $#&@as in the hood knew it

When they see the mutha $#&@a come jinglin' up the block
They knew it was comin'
Sweet time (heeey)

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