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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS lyrics : "Ryda Hata"



Are you a Ryda hata? If so you aint %#@!
And i'll tell it to your cliq when i'm emptyin' the clip (*##$
You get the dick and i'm fondeling your chick

Wit' my lips around her tit, an my stick all in her [email protected]$%
Now who she wit'? the Ryda!, now you hatin it
I see that mark buck on my dawg, chasin' it, wastin' it

Drop ya (*##$ off, i'll get inside her lata
I pack a mack 11 for all you (*##$ass Ryda hatas

Are you a Ryda hata, you best check yo'self
Or get knocked out wit' a left right left
Watch yo' step, hold your breath, drop the heat

Or find yourself wakin' in my backseat
Of my car, you never know who we are
Ridin' 'round the city like some superstar

Pimpin' hard, lots a cash, and pullin' cards
If you wanna step, mother $#&@er let's go to war

Hatas, we (buck, buck!)
Ryda hatas we (buck, buck, buck!) [x2]

[Violent J]
Hata mother $#&@a, you hate a mother $#&@a
Just 'cuz a brother got butta' motha' $#&@a what!

(*##$!, it's time that I check that chin
Appologize fo' it then check it again
'Cuz i'm not kinda friend when i'm takin' a bottle of the Rose

I might swerve ya nose
That's how it goes for a hata that hates, and i'm greater
Bullet be the hater exterminater

[Chorus x2]

[Jamie Madrox]

You can hate me, because I ride like the wind
And leave yo' $$# waitin' for love like Cardigans
I'm a thug (*##$, and i've been that way forever

Never spend no cheddar on a (*##$ no never
Whatever the $#&@ you think you talkin' about
Well it's hard to hear your words with dick up in your mouth

All that hatin' %#@! is out and i'm all up in this (*##$
Ryda for life, and I aint never gonna switch
[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Ryda hata's what the $#&@, yo I can't stand'em, talk %#@! behind my back
And yo' lips get smacked
Talk %#@! to my face, get pistol whipped in the face

Thrown in the torture rack, your back gets braced
Gettin' mace'd in ya eyes, dome gets Karate chopped
@@#! the gat back, blaw! you got dropped

Run your body over wit' my..black truck
Hater-ass, stupid, mother $#&@er, piece of %#@!, duck!
[Chorus x2]

Are you a Ryda hata? you's a (*##$-hoe

And noone really cares what your mom think though
'Cuz it's all about the money, black trucks and bumps
So shut your mouth, get on your knees and take your loss


[Monoxide Child]

You's a Chontsy, flat out (*##$, you aint %#@!
And fo' real-doe yo' (*##$ass'll die quick
$#&@in' wit' the cliq, boo-yah we won't miss

Leave ya standin' still in a puddle of piss
If you's a Ryda hata, then I annihilate ya
I'm mobbin' up on your set like a space invada

Easy to contain ya like a rat
I'll smash ya wit' my baseball bat, because I rose like dat beotch!

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