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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS : Ride 2 Da End lyrics

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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS lyrics : "Ride 2 Da End"

I'ma thug
I'ma shoot
I'ma smoke

I'ma walk up on yo $$# and bust yo $$# in the eye
I'ma roll this blunt up
I'ma I'ma

I'ma ride 2 da end (end)

Ball till I fall (fall)
I'm on the hunt for tha papa
Gimme s'more

I gotta get mine (hey)
All about the currency (yea)
And let my thugs and mutha $#&@in' rydas represent me (woop woop)

And ya betta blaze the weed
And pass that %#@! to me

And I'ma @@#! da gat
And hold it down for my family
We worldwide

Leaving ya hatin' (*##$es
On the curbside
Bleeding and needin' stiches

(*##$es ya got ya mouth wide open
On the wed and all your hatin' and roastin
Gonna keep me braggin' and boastin'

This %#@! is coast to coast
And I'ma ball till I fall baby
While punk $$# (*##$es

Spend they money on that car neday
You can't even picture me rollin'
Money follin'

In an Escalade with twinkies and it's
Probably stolen
Crack my Newports, open

And I'm smokin' for a lickin'
If you got it
And I want it

Then you hittin'
You and your (*##$
Foe Foe

Mister Mean And Hateful
Mister Free to ride
You and your fam

Can burn the cradle
Who wanna smoke?
Who wanna ride wit me?

We runnin wit da Rydas
Till the E-N-D
And I'ma


Hit the east side
Intended to get groovy
Cruisin down the Ave.

Lookin' for [email protected]%$ and booties
Guerellis grippin' twinkies
See me sparklin' and shinin'

I'm like a diamond
As I continue glidin'
The $$# drops down

As I hit the switch again
Heads startin' turnin'
Cuz they see that Shank is perfen

And swervin'
Please understand that if these ^!$$%s act up

They get ta leavin' in an ambulance
I got my hand curved around a heata
And if your (*##$ is on my dick

Hell yea I wanna meet her
I'ma playa
You don't see them diamonds through the windshield?

I'm eatin' steak and shrimp while you (*##$es splitten happy meals
Don't get your cat peeled
Actin' hard
I got a bullet for you
And everybody in your backyard (What the $#&@ you looking at)

And (*##$ if you don't know
You better ask a friend
L'il Shank Mutha $#&@a, I'ma ryda till the end


Do I gotta tell you how much
That this watch cost?
Or do I gotta tell you how much dope a ^!$$% lost?
Tryin' to come up in the game

Make a name for myself
But when this block get hit
It's hella bad for ya health
Gotta get back on your feet
Hustle on the street

Minimum wage don't make enough for ends meet
What's up (*##$?
The name's Cell Block, ho
And one question, do you like dick in the throat? (!#@* YEA)
I be rollin with the rydas
Iced out on the street

Gold chain around my neck
Brand new NIKE's on my feet
And we livin' up yo block
^!$$% always wit a glock
And a sack fulla rocks
For them thieves on my jock
Keep rockin' skrilla

Paper chasin' never ends
I be 45 and still slangin' rocks out the benz
I'ma pimp by blood
And a Ryda 4 Life
And I'ma ride 2 da end
Dumpin' clips all night

[Chorus x2]
And let my thug and mutha $#&@in' rydas represent me
Uh...Bullet in this (*##$, Cell Block, Fo Fo, L'il Shank, Full Clip
And let my thug and mutha $#&@in' rydas represent me

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