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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS : Intrizzo lyrics

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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS lyrics : "Intrizzo"

Once again, the earth beneath you crumbles
As a convoy of black trucks rumbles into your town
Back up in that $$# once again

Is the notorius lords of the underworld
The one and only infamous psychopathic rydas

My name is Bullet
And I am a thug
A hood in a black truck

And I've never caught slippin'
Because I'm always packin' a mutha $#&@in'...

Fo Fo, biatch [echo]
Don't ever test me ho
Straight up gangsta mutha $#&@a

And if you see me on the strip
You know I got a mutha $#&@in'...

Full Clip, aka, fizzle cleazy
Once again, blasting your mutha $#&@in eardrums with a lyrical slug
You wanna $#&@ with the Hatchet Rydas

I'ma stick you with my...

Lil Shank

Jumpin' straight outta black truck
Representin the east and I don't give a $#&@
Man, if you get caught slippin on my side

And you ain't a ryda, you gonna end up dead or in a mutha $#&@in'

Cell Block

Anotha psychopathic ryda
We always ride out, down and dirty to the E-N-D
Start the record, Ryden Dirty, (*##$


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