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PSYCHOPATHIC RYDAS lyrics : "Dumpin'"

[Jamie Madrox talking]
"Yea you got the album, now meet Bullet, Foe Foe, Cell Block, Full Clip And i'm Lil' Shank, diss' Psychopathic Rydas motha' $#&@a'"

Cut'em all out when ya bust is found
Pop, pop, biggity bop, that be the sound

Low down wit' the master hump (bump bump!)
Buckin' wit' the master Pump (dump dump)
Jump, jump go 'da town when the Rydas on

Pump, pump go the bucket with a dawg of his own
At your funeral your dead, but that aint nuttin
Best bet badass Bullet be Dumpin'

From the East-side out to the Southwest
Psychopathic Rydas puttin' slugs in your chest
(*##$, nobody move heads down!

You don't wanna see me clown, mother $#&@a!


Psychopathic Rydas Dumpin'
Psychopathic Rydas hey! [x2]

[Monoxide Child]
We doin' ride-by's, on freestyle bikes
I hit a wheely on a motor, bustin' out on site

I give a $#&@ (*##$, talk %#@! and get clipped
Knock your $#&@in' teeth through your lip (yea!)
Actin' wild as $#&@, cuz' my jam came on

"And you know thug ^!$$%s gotta sing that song!)
I got 18 shot's ,(buck buck), and I won't miss once
All black trucks with the bumps

Shootin' out the window, every single time the wind blow
Blazin' up another bag a indo
Foe Foe be the alias

Run up on you bare, (*##$es, so you scared of us (Westside!)
[Chorus x4]

[Jamie Madrox]
Ima pull my trigga', and peel yo' cap
My money runnin' low and I needs my sack

Yo' 6-4 is bumpin' and I needs me a ride
Lean to the right lane and then i'll slide
Lay yo' $$# out on the cold cement

Before I dump in that $$# ima scream, I said "See ima Ryda!"
(Overlap)(Full Clip)
Oh see, mu' $#&@as like me

We don't give a $#&@, it's like "what what!?"
You wanna come steppin'? then i'll hafta see ya
Leave ya open an burnin' like a case of gonnarhea

From some old dirty (*##$ that you was humpin
And pumpin like my gauge (*##$ass, we dumpin'!
[Chorus x4]

Stick your mother $#&@in' hands up

Got to have mine @@#!ed, close your eyes i'm finna dump
Commin' out the register wit' all that green and cheddar cheese
To bad you seen me, ^!$$% please

Move fast, bloody cash on the floor...gotta
Make my way to the $#&@in' door...gotta
Make my way to the hideout

Who dunnit? yea they tryin' to find out
Now, i'm on the street, wit' my swerves
Cops, tryin' to catch cuz' i'm on the swerve

But ima clever mother $#&@er never catch me
And if they come my direction they gone' catch these Dumpin'!

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