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PROJECT 86 lyrics : "To Sand We Return"

Cowering man, a legion of no-ones call,
bet it all

Covenant Kill, he points to the heavens, bare
with blank stares

Beckoning search in self for his answer
Reckoning, purge, the great fall, the cancer
Settlement comes in wages now he is

shattered, broke, and all alone

We've lost all our control
Our faces fall to the ground
We're powerless to your voice

Surrender to the sound..

What'll it take to prove our decision's wrong

will we fall?

Alone in ourselves there nothing but chaos, fear

end it here

'til we concede to drink from the endless

The desert we find ourselves in is hopeless
'til we submit and let go the control

we will always be alone...

No longer seeming so, shattered, broke and all alone

Who do I belong To?
Not Earth

Not world
Not Evil
Not mortals

Not wretches
Not horrors

Who do I belong to?



Surrender to the sound.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa