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PROJECT 86 lyrics : "The Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face"

It's 4 AM
I was

Sound asleep
To hunt the sheep

There is a choice
Within a voice

Lurking somewhere between
Hidden parts
And facial scars

And remnants of the deepest needs
I am convinced
In sleeplessness

That we need some source of rest
With frequency

Won't become a place to lay our heads

I've searched

And tried
And tumbled in the midst
I've swallowed pride

And nullified
What's left of innocence

Won't be made
We'll set a precedent
Never to late

To recreate
So here's your evidence

Am I getting through?
Is this loud enough?
Any means

By all extremes
This feeling follows action
You can take

My worst mistakes
And use them for excuses
Or you can try

To realize
This vessel's by itself is worthless
The hand, the furnace, the straight face

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