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PROJECT 86 lyrics : "The Butcher"

This man came to me he was looking for action
Putting a blade to my neck
He said, ?Call me the butcher cause thats my trade

And you know that I've come to collect.?

I said

Hit me now
and we'll see where it leads

Cut me out
if you think I will bleed

Strike me down
If you think you're a man

Cause I know that you don't understand...

Because there is no weapon

There is no blade

You wonder why I'm not afraid?

I've erased all of my fear of the grave
You'll never kill him that lives inside of me

He looked into my eyes, all he saw was conviction
Dropping the blade to the earth
I said, ?How could you think that I'd ever retreat?

You know that I'm already dead.?

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa