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PROJECT 86 lyrics : "Cold And Calculated"

A life you built exploiting the dreams of innocents
Preying on the wide-eyed fantasies of those with the purest intent
As parasites, they always need a host (how many lives have you bled?)

Your crooked gain will always find a leech's ending

There is a reason you cannot sleep

You found the wages you've sown in greed
There is no solace in what you seek
You found that although you have gained it all you had to sacrifice...

Your prize.

After all was said and done you lost...

Your pet.

Rest it eludes you as spirits fill your head
Longing for the days when ghosts you used won't follow you into your bed

So now it's cost the apple of your eyes (you'll never see her again)
Why can't you see that she is not your property when...

How many lives have you bled?

After all was said and done, you lost...

Your pet.

Your prize.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa